Facilitating market entryand customer acquisition

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“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.”

Niels Bohr

We can help you effectively implement your market entry plans. In particular, we exploit our long-standing contacts with customers, knowledge of the competition and country-specific USPs. We provide expertise in regulatory, clinical development and reimbursement and access to KOLs in hospitals, laboratories and health insurance institutions through our well-established network. Talk to our experts!

Acquiring customers

Customers are easy to find - with our proprietary SilverMine tool.

Facilitating market entry

You got the product - we got the right market entry strategy for you.

Start dominating your marketplace

At SilverSky, we understand that knowledge is power. Our team of strategists have years and years of experience in the life sciences industry, and our proven record of success speaks for itself. Whether you’re looking to gain an advantage over your competition, develop a deeper understanding of your market’s needs, or capitalize on growing industry trends, we are here to help.
SilverMine offers cost and time-saving searches for customers and key opinion leaders based on scientific publications and records of R&D grants.

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“Through SilverMine we gained easy and reliable ACCESS TO CHOICE EXPERTS IN ACADEMIA to EVALUATE A NOVEL POTENTIALLY DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY. As we are always aiming to deliver state-of-the-art technologies and products to our customers, SilverMine is a tool that allows us to reach exactly the ones in need of our products.”

Dr Heike Zitzer, Senior Global Project Manager, Roche Diagnostics

Facilitating market entry in China & Europe

When Fosun Pharmaceuticals invested in one of our companies back in 2015 and we spent more and more time in China we quickly recognized the increasing relevance of Asian life sciences. Since then one of our goals has been to build our experience in this region. We have broadened our multilingual team to provide chinese language fluency, experience with culture and negotiation across both countries and access to local experts in China as well as Germany. Hence, we are now delighted to introduce help for finding the right business partners through our China practices.

Fostering European / Chinese partnerships

The China practice team accompanies Chinese companies with investment projects in Germany and German companies on their expansion into China. We offer competent advice throughout all phases of Chinese-German business projects. Therefore, we are always adhering to our core principles of understanding and realizing individual requirements.
If you are tempted by such cross-country market opportunities, please contact us for sound-advice on China and Germany.