Prevention & correction of flat-head syndromes in babies

Each year more than 135 million children are born worldwide, of which more than 45% suffer from some kind of skull deformations (plagiocephaly). Since backslide position for babies to prevent sudden infant death has been recommended, the respective incidence rate has increased considerably in the last 20 years. With the Kluba Medical baby head protection, an innovative medical device was developed to prevent and alleviate skew. Dr. Dr. Kluba, a medical doctor and a recognized expert on skull deformations in the clinical environment, developed baby head protection from Kluba Medical, which has been shown to reduce the risk of position-related deformations of the skull of infants. It can be used both prophylactically and therapeutically.

The baby head guard is 100% “Made in Germany” and made only with highst-quality materials. The ring-shaped baby head guard is characterized by the possibility of adjusting the size and thus individually adapting it to the head size of each infant, thereby preventing the head from slipping out and providing increased protection and greater effectiveness. It is also small, well transportable and also applicable in a confined environment and avoids the disadvantages of the bearing cushions known in the prior art due to its flexible properties.


  • 2014: Co-founded company / joined company as interim CEO
  • 2016: Closed series A with strategic investor from medtech field

Founded: 2014

Locations: Düsseldorf, Germany

Prevention & correction of flat-head syndromes in babies