Live Stream Technologies GmbH

Encrypted Industrial Live Streaming for the remote diagnostics of machines and systems

The LiveStream Technology streaming platform was developed for remote diagnostics of machines and systems and can be used to assist on-site staff via video streaming in real-time by external experts. In order to achieve a stable transmission of the high-resolution images, data are split up and sent to a server via internet, WLAN, UMTS and LTE, where they are reassembled. They can then be distributed to any number of PCs, tablets or smartphones. A web-based support platform that can be accessed via internet browsers requires no additional software to be installed on these devices. The audio communication is transmitted via SIP client (Session Initiation Protocol). That enables, in parallel with video streaming, telephone conferences via normal fixed network connections. Encryption methods such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) together with the splitting of the video stream ensure high data security.

In 2015 the company was sold to eks Engel GmbH & Co. KG; today the streaming technology is commercialized as the portable S-LIVE system.


  • 2014: Founded company / in-licensing of technology from xxx
  • 2015: Trade sale of business to EKS Engel GmbH

Founded: 2014

Locations: Düsseldorf, Germany


Silversky GmbH

Brunnenstrasse 23 40223 Düsseldorf


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