Antibiotic Stewardship Solutions for Hospital-acquired Infections

MetaSystems Indigo is a joint venture of MetaSystems Hard & Software GmbH and the management team of Miacom Diagnostics GmbH that sells modified Miacom kits that can be analyzed automatically on the MetaSystems Metafer platform. So far the Metafer platform is globally being used by hematology / pathology customers with over 6.000 units sold. One of the fastest growing markets for MetaSystems is currently China. MetaSystems Indigo presents DMI (Direct Multiplex Imaging), a high-throughput automated analysis system for the identification and differentiation of clinically relevant microorganisms, improving the efficacy of antibiotic therapy of patients with acute systemic diseases, such as sepsis and pneumonia.

DMI stands out with low costs and high performance characteristics at an unrivalled speed, allowing clinicians to begin a targeted antibiotic treatment almost immediately. The evaluation of the assays is performed with Metafer, a versatile and reliable high-throughput imaging platform incorporated into DMI. Additionally, Metafer scans, digitizes and archives Gram-stained samples enabling on-screen sample analysis with LIMS compatibility and remote access.


  • 2016: Completed company set-up and management recruiting /
    developed market entry & reimbursement strategy/
    joined company as interim CEO
  • 2017: Launched first CE-marked product

Founded: 2016

Locations: Altlussheim, Germany / Düsseldorf, Germany