Miacom Diagnostics GmbH / Inc.

Miacom was founded in 2007 with the mission to develop a novel and rapid diagnostic platform that will help physicians deliver timely and targeted antibiotic therapy decisions for critical care patients. Its multiplex assays identify and differentiate most of microorganisms causing life threatening conditions such as sepsis and pneumonia.

The rapid identification of microorganisms will help improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs associated with lengthy hospitalizations, slow down the spread of antibiotic resistance among patients and most importantly save lives. Miacom’s multiplex assays can identify up to 14 clinically relevant pathogens causing sepsis and pneumonia. Clinical samples such as positive blood culture and sputum can be used directly in our tests and the time to results is just 30 minutes.


  • 2007: Founded company
  • 2009: Led turn-around / successful fund-raising as interim CEO
  • 2011: Launched first CE-marked product-line
  • 2012: Completed Management buy-out
  • 2013: Launched 2nd CE-marked product-line
  • 2014: Completed Cross-border deal by winning Chinese Fosun Pharmaceuticals as strategic investor
  • 2015: Achieved FDA-clearance of Sepsis MDx assay
  • 2016: Sold one business unit and part of patent portfolio to MetaSystems Hard & Software GmbH
  • 2017: Supported R&D grant strategy leading to 600 TEUR of non-dilutive funds for TB & POC assay development

Founded: 2007

Locations: Düsseldorf, Germany / Chapel Hil, NC, USA

Molecular Diagnostics:

Pathogen ID in 30 minutes in pneumonia- and sepsis infections



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