Simple physiotherapist-device for the home to reduce pain for patients suffering teeth grinding and clenching, and jaw movement disorder

TMD (jaw movement disorders) and bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching) are complex and mainly stress related syndromes. Current therapies focus on the dental aspects of these medical conditions, and tend to disregard the jaw musculature which is responsible for the forces during periods of bruxism and the main TMD symptoms. Patients are actively looking for alternative forms of treatment for their aching jaw muscles beyond the standard approaches of dentists

The RelaxBogen® is already established as a patented and effective (clinically proven) medical device in a multi-billion euro market. The device demonstrably reduces tension and pain in patients suffering from teeth grinding and clenching, and jaw movement disorder. The RelaxBogen is an external head device to relieve bruxism & TMD by treating the main jaw muscles. Our product is the only treatment option available on the market that treats the jaw musculature directly. The RelaxBogen is the “physiotherapist for the home” and can be used location-independent with clinically proven performance by means of two clinical trials which showed significant pain reduction.

The company was founded in 2013. After gaining Europe-wide approval as a medical device (CE), the RelaxBogen was launched in Dec. 2014. In 2016 alone the company sold over 600 units to patients in Germany and the EU.


  • 2012: Company foundation
  • 2014: Obtained CE-mark for RelaxBogen device
  • 2015: Consulting on strategic marketing & sales / fund raising
  • 2015: Series A financing round
  • 2016: Launch of B2C marketing including Amazon sales channel and own online shop

Founded: 2012

Locations: Hameln, Germany


RelaxBogen GmbH