Dr. Ron Opstelten

Dr. Ron Opstelten decided almost 30 years ago, after completing his PhD thesis, to change the scientific environment for a business oriented arena. During these 30 years Ron gained experiences in the Life-science market as well as the Diagnostics market. Ron’s focus has always been on business, meaning Sales, Marketing and Business development in the widest sense of the word. Selling so called “me-too” products up to selling and buying companies. Ron has been working with many companies with different responsibilities and in various countries. During the past years Ron has made his expertise available as a consultant an supported other companies with their business development challenges, ranging from setting up international sales channels to developing new market entry strategies including OEM selection (and acquisitions).
Ron was an employee with companies like Pharmacia Biotech, Abbott Diagnostics, Sigma Aldrich, QIAGEN, OPERON Biotechnologies, Eurofins and Greiner

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