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Advanced data analysis to generate high-quality leads

Cost and time-saving searches for customers and key opinion leaders based on scientific publications and records of R&D grants

Do you serve customers in the areas of life sciences, diagnostics, medical technology or reagent space? If yes, SilverMine will offer you numerous advantages.

Our AI-based business intelligence tool SilverMine enables advanced data mining to generate qualified leads faster and delivers real time information about your scientific and clinical market.

With SilverMine you will be able to receive detailed, current information about potential customers, partners, key opinion leaders and competitors who, for example, use reagents and assays, research tools, or diagnostic and medtech products – including valid contact data!


— SilverMine is your solution

Would you like to ....

  • Receive actual contact data of your potential customers?
  • Successfully target relevant key opinion leaders and build up your KOL network?
  • Identify business and academic institutions active in your scientific or medical area?
  • Find out which other companies are selling products to your clients?
  • Identify and understand your competitors?
  • Learn more about relevant funding levels and current funding research focus?
  • Prepare high-quality post-market surveillance reports?
  • Feed your CRM with valid data?

…. and much more? If yes, SilverMine is the perfect tool for you and your company!

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— One tool – numerous opportunities

Analyzing multiple databases & conducting powerful, standardized queries along following fields

B2C lead generation – find new customers

Compiling potential customer lists from competitor products, delivering unprecedented customer information including focus, level and source of  public funding plus contact details for direct sales and marketing.

Stakeholder identification

Identification of businesses and academic institutions active in your scientific or medical area, including prominent scientists, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), publications and funding levels.

Contact information of KOLs, their followers and peers

Ranking and providing details about Key Opinion Leaders, including contact information, funding and current research focus, enabling targeted KOL marketing.

Identification and understanding of your competitors

Providing full data sets of competitor groups through the power to conduct competitor analysis with careful combinations of selected keywords and product names.

Connection to strategic partners to develop sales channels

Identification of possible corporations as potential cross-channel and distribution partners.

Sharpening your USP to better position your product

Through comparison of your product with the results of the focused research on customers, KOLs and competitors, you can fine-tune your product placement, along with methods of best practice, next steps and potential weaknesses and how to address them.

This is just a sample selection of the numerous options that SilverMine offers you and your company. We would be delighted to discuss with you personally how you can best use SilverMine based on your personal needs.

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— SilverMine benefits

Don’t waste your valuable time or money on extensive research or outdated market reports, but discover our cost- and time-effective SilverMine tool

  • Reduce your costs and increase your business efficiency
  • Receive highly detailed researches optimized to your requirements
  • Benefit from individual and tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs
  • Focus on your day-to-day-business and let our experts do the time-consuming research
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— SilverMine steps

Highly detailed reports without wasting time and money in just 3 to 5 days

1. Pre-Analysis and call

In a personal phone call with our research scientist you specify your individual needs and objectives in order to receive highly detailed evaluations optimized to your requirements.

2. Analysis

With the help of our SilverMine Business Intelligence tool, our professionals analyse multiple databases of scientific publications, approved pre-publication manuscripts and NIH grants. Thereby, we identify and characterize key option leaders, market trends or find potential customers using competitor products.

3. Report

You receive your personalized and tailor-made report with all relevant information based on your specific requirements, including detailed customer and KOL lists with actual contact data.

Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from the numerous advantages of our cost-effective SilverMine tool and get your personalized report without wasting your valuable time or resources.


Our prices start from 3.500 € for smaller basic evaluations, but like the various opportunities of SilverMine, our pricing isn’t one-size-fits-all. We calculate your personalized quote by looking at your specific needs.

To learn more, request a tailored quote and find out what SilverSky can do for you. A member of our team will be in touch with you in no time.


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