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Life Science companies that we co-founded or support as business angels.


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3 companies with successful exits2 operating profitably7 with commercial products in market9 sufficiently financed1 seeking financing2 failures / learning experiences For more information on our business models, how we operate and/or for submission of new ideas for evaluation, contact us by clicking here.

Our Portfolio

Companies that we either co-found or support as a business angel

At SilverSky LifeSciences we believe that it takes an entrepreneur to advise an entrepreneur. We therefore aim to ensure that our consultants either come with personal operational management experience or gain know-how through the development of our portfolio companies. This often sparks new ideas for startups and so our interests continue to grow, with the team able to rely on over 100 years of operational experience in the management of diagnostics, medtech and biotech enterprises.

Utilizing our own experiences in financing, corporate sales, market launches and collaborations with external advisors enables us to both better anticipate and address our clients’ specific concerns and challenges.

about silversky

SilverSky founder Dr. Mirko Stange has developed a highly efficient, energetic and interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience across the biotech, medtech and pharma fields. It is specifically designed to cover a wide range of complementary skills decisive in the successful founding, expansion and motivation of life science organizations.

The team thus comprises startup entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, research scientists and business managers, and contributes scientific, financial and operational know how.

Together, we benefit from 100 years of international experience in business development.


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SilverSky Life Sciences – your finance and business consulting company for life science technologies

SilverSky Life Sciences is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to the goal of developing the optimal solution for its clients’ financial requirements.

Our clients are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the life science and technology sectors. Through our personal extensive experiences in these fields, either in operational management or as company founders, we recognize and understand the specific requirements that you as an entrepreneur have.

In addition to company building and capital acquisition through our network, business angels, family offices and venture capital donors, SilverSky Life Sciences’ activities also include preparation for and support of M & A transactions and licensing. Furthermore, using our own deep-seated US experience, we provide European companies access to international funding in order to exploit these opportunities as a sustainable and strategic financing instrument.

With partner companies present within the important markets of the US and China, we draw on a great deal of local experience to promote successful cross-border transactions. For company purchasing, building or selling, succession planning, financing, MBO/MBI, co-investment or acquisition of funding / project financing – Silversky Life Sciences accompanies you in a competent, committed and solution-oriented manner to implement your business plans.

At SilverSky Life Sciences, we view the topic of financing holistically.

We are one of the few consulting firms to not only recognize the acquisition of non-dilutive funding or “soft money” as a strategic means of corporate financing, but also exploit our broad experience to facilitate this. For classical corporate financing, and mergers and acquisitions, we bring added value to important negotiations, drawing from our own operational management backgrounds.

Through our support of European company acquisitions by Asian partners and various successful financing projects, we have built up an extensive and resilient network in Asia. We take care to nurture these relationships so that collaborations between Asian and European partners can be smoothly facilitated.

Funding via public and private grants can be an integral and valuable component of a financing strategy for both young and established companies in the life sciences sector.

A wide range of regional, national, European and international funding, both public and from private foundations, exists for IT, High-Tech and Life Science companies to finance innovative projects.

We ensure our clients maximize financial gain from public subsidies, grants and other sources of capital. We offer guidance throughout the funding acquisition process. Initial strategic evaluation considers project suitability, identifies and aids selection of best fit funding possibilities, and helps define individual aims, budgets and timelines to optimize chances of approval. We have extensive experience with application processes and support our clients in preparation and submission of structured, scientifically sound projects. SilverSky attaches equal importance to tracking the approval process and making necessary tweaks as required. The focus and expertise of the team lies in the acquisition of US grants. US funding or “soft money” is attractive as it is generally higher than domestic or European grants and does not normally require any fund matching (from company resources). Our experienced team members at SilverSky Life Sciences have successfully applied for such US funding for their own enterprises over the years. We benefit from international team members, with native English language, who remain active in the USA and have many years of experience with US agencies.

We have already successfully secured grants for our clients from numerous sources, including national (EXIST Startup Science, Central Innovation Programme for SMEs / ZIM, and SME-innovative/KMU-innovativ grants), European (Horizon2020 grants) and US (National Institutes of Health / NIH Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology SBIR / SBTT grants).

Our consulting team is your partner for finding individual funding opportunities

We assist our clients from identification of the most appropriate funding program, through application preparation and submission, to subsequent awarding of funds, helping them to incorporate this useful instrument into their long-term financing strategy.

SilverSky Life Sciences advises its clients on all financing issues

We develop a financing strategy together, to ensure it is individually tailored to your requirements and expectations. Our services include evaluation of financing demands, and assessment and selection of alternative financing concepts and models. We consult on acquisition of growth capital, restructuring matters, business models and planning, as well as identifying, introducing and negotiating with strategic partners and offering short-term investment (bridge capital / bridging loans) from our own resources. Another focus is on cross border transactions in Asia, concentrating on China. Our local partners can negotiate with investors using a culturally appropriate approach and in native language to bring success; they can also prepare investment documentation.

Life sciences in China is the sector with the century’s highest growth potential

The life sciences sector in China, with growth rates exceeding 20% over recent years and equally good prospects for the future, is one of the business areas with the highest growth potential this century. Chinese companies are increasingly emerging as investors, as demonstrated by the SilverSky Life Sciences-mediated transaction between Fosun Pharmaceuticals and miacom diagnostics. Chinese activity in Europe in terms of transaction deals and financing rounds is predicted to escalate.

SilverSky benefits for life science startups

This development is especially relevant for startups and young companies, as a lasting commitment and partnership with a Chinese company offers a unique opportunity to gain access to one of the world’s most important markets.

Against this background, cross border transactions with China are gaining significance, particularly in the life sciences sector. However, successful transactions can only be achieved with a professional approach from internationally experienced intermediaries and consultants.

Through local partners, SilverSky Life Sciences has not only proven expertise in this field, but also valuable contacts with key players throughout a robust regional network. We provide our customers with advice and support for all their challenges, to enable optimal and smooth business operation.

Based on our longstanding and profound experience, clients can be assured of SilverSky’s full engagement to support focused and efficient implementation of business plans and execution of transactions.

Our consulting services, tailored to your personal wishes and needs, include support for divestitures, acquisitions, collaborations, mergers, management buy out and buy ins, and strategic portfolio redesign.

Our international network, combined with our direct contact to critical decision makers, enables us to facilitate cross border deals, which are gaining in importance in the context of accelerating globalization.

Interdisciplinary consultant know-how and recruitment of local specialists come together to provide SilverSky with the necessary flexibility to react in a timely fashion to changes in circumstances.

We work with you to develop a distinct and well considered M&A plan, which will become an important component of your company’s value strategy and ensure you gain a competitive edge. We accompany you throughout each project phase, starting with strategic planning and goal setting, through transaction preparation, structuring and initiation, target company analysis and evaluation, and investor or target company identification and introduction, naturally including preparation of documentation as required.

A team composed of advisors with more than 100 years international operating experience

SilverSky Life Sciences has more than 100 years of international operational experience in the transfer of new technologies into successful business models, both as startup entrepreneurs and within SME management. To date, the team has evaluated more than 500 business plans and inventions, secured funding totaling several million Euros for startups and expanding companies, and facilitated national and international technology and drug licensing transactions in Europe, Japan, China and the USA. With his international experience and broad network, Dr. Mirko Stange CEO is the driving force behind SilverSky Life Sciences, recently noting that innovation is “the most valuable commodity in the German economy”.

Utilizing our many years of experience as consultants and entrepreneurs, we can effectively support you in all corporate financing issues along your value chain, ranging from sustainable funding for development projects, expansion financing to lucrative business deals.

We focus on companies within the biotechnology, diagnostics, medical technology and drug screening fields.

The technology sector is increasingly faced with the formidable challenge of pushing innovations as fast and cost-effectively as possible under enormous competitive pressure, as standing still usually means stepping backward.

We help you to swiftly find groundbreaking and futureproof solutions to meet both your individual requirements and those of your customers.
Our advisors define key success criteria in advance. This enables rapid and sustainable goal setting to bring about changes that will result in a competitive edge. We focus particularly on information technology, software and internet-based business models.

Not least due to rapidly changing economic and technological conditions within the industrial sector, priorities are shifting towards sustainable growth.

Standardization, integration, advancement, transparency, efficiency and flexibility must be considered more than ever to deliver high quality, innovative and sustainable products at the lowest possible costs.
We can master these challenges together. As a rule, we concentrate on industries where we have sound experience and can bring significant added value.

In collaboration with our network of private investors and family offices, we can provide investment funds in selected cases.

This would be short term, for example, bridging finance before conclusion of a sustainable financing round or liquidity for restructuring before successful turnaround. We select suitable investment companies based on clearly defined criteria. Shareholdings for our team members, partners and investors are exclusively direct investments.