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Life Science companies that we co-founded or support as business angels.


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3 companies with successful exits2 operating profitably7 with commercial products in market9 sufficiently financed1 seeking financing2 failures / learning experiences For more information on our business models, how we operate and/or for submission of new ideas for evaluation, contact us by clicking here.

Our Portfolio

Companies that we either co-found or support as a business angel

At SilverSky LifeSciences we believe that it takes an entrepreneur to advise an entrepreneur. We therefore aim to ensure that our consultants either come with personal operational management experience or gain know-how through the development of our portfolio companies. This often sparks new ideas for startups and so our interests continue to grow, with the team able to rely on over 100 years of operational experience in the management of diagnostics, medtech and biotech enterprises.

Utilizing our own experiences in financing, corporate sales, market launches and collaborations with external advisors enables us to both better anticipate and address our clients’ specific concerns and challenges.

about silversky

SilverSky founder Dr. Mirko Stange has developed a highly efficient, energetic and interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience across the biotech, medtech and pharma fields. It is specifically designed to cover a wide range of complementary skills decisive in the successful founding, expansion and motivation of life science organizations.

The team thus comprises startup entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, research scientists and business managers, and contributes scientific, financial and operational know how.

Together, we benefit from 100 years of international experience in business development.


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