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Our AI-based business intelligence tool enables advanced data mining to generate qualified leads faster and delivers real time information about your scientific and clinical market. With SilverMine you will be able to receive detailed, current information about potential customers, partners, key opinion leaders and competitors who, for example, use reagents and assays, research tools, or diagnostic and medtech products – including valid contact data!

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SilverMine is our solution to better position your product.

Find new customers

SilverMine provides you with qualified leads and potential customer contact data of the key opinion leaders in your scientific field for you.

Know your market

SilverMine not only identifies market risks and trends for you, but also potential cross-channel and distribution partners.

Watch your competitors

SilverMine analyses and compares the performance of your competitor products and gets a full data set of the most relevant players for you.

Get new scientific leads and a competitive analysis tailored to your product in only 5 days!

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In order to create individual data sets for you, we need some information in advance. We would like to discuss this information in a 15-minute personal phone call or simply fill out our online questionnaire (5 minutes).

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2nd step: We start your Data mining

With the help of our SilverMine Business Intelligence tool, our professionals analyse multiple databases of scientific publications, approved pre-publication manuscripts and NIH grants. Thereby, we identify and characterize key option leaders, market trends or find potential customers using competitor products.

3rd step: We generate your tailor-made report for you

You receive your personalized and tailor-made report with all relevant information based on your specific requirements, including detailed customer and KOL lists with actual contact data. Ready? Start mining now!

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Already got your leads? We facilitate your market entry in China & Europe!

Utilizing our extensive life sciences experience, we can help you effectively implement your market entry plans. In particular, we exploit our long-standing contacts with customers, knowledge of the competition and country-specific USPs. We have also broadened our multilingual team to provide chinese language fluency, experience with culture and negotiation across both countries and access to local experts in China as well as Germany. Hence, we are now delighted to introduce help for finding the right business partners through our China practices. Our team provides expertise in regulatory, clinical development and reimbursement, and access to KOLs in hospitals, laboratories and health insurance institutions through our well-established network.

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